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    The scheme is implemented with the aim of reducing risk to animal health by prophylactic vaccination against diseases of livestock and poultry, capacity building of Veterinary services, disease surveillance and strengthening veterinary infrastructure. The major activities supported under this scheme are: Critical Animal Disease Control Programme(CADCP) for eradication and control of two major diseases which have hitherto not got focused attention in proportion to their economic significance, namely Peste des Petits Ruminants (PPR) and classical swine fever (CSF); Establishment and Strengthening of existing Veterinary Hospitals and Dispensaries (ESVHD)-Mobile Veterinary Units; and Assistance to States for control of other economically important, exotic, emergent and zoonotic livestock and poultry diseases (ASCAD). The funding pattern is 100% central assistance for the CADCP and the non-recurring components of ESVHD, and 60:40 between Central and State for the other components as well as for ASCAD, with 90:10 for hilly and NE States and 100% for UTs.

      The details of the components of the scheme with Central and State funding are as under:
    • Peste des Petits Ruminants Eradication Programme (PPR-EP): This component covers the entire sheep and goat population in the country under carpet vaccination against PPR for 100% effective coverage of the entire eligible sheep and goat population. Migrants’ flocks/animals are also covered under the vaccination programme. Funding pattern: 100°/ central assistance to States for vaccine, accessories for vaccination, remuneration for vaccinators, surveillance & monitoring and IEC / awareness campaigns.
    • Classical Swine Fever control programme (CSF-CP): The control programme for control of Classical Swine Fever is expanded to include all the states / UTs for 100% effective coverage of the entire pig population along with a proposed 100% Central assistance. Funding Pattern: 100% central assistance to States for vaccines, accessories for vaccination, remuneration to vaccinators, strengthening of laboratories, recurring expenditure for laboratory consumables, surveillance and monitoring and IEC / Awareness campaigns.
    • Establishment and Strengthening of existing Veterinary Hospitals and Dispensaries Mobile Veterinary Units (ESVHD-MVU): This Provides establishment of Mobile Veterinary Units in the component of Establishment and Strengthening of existing Veterinary Hospitals and Dispensaries (ESVHD) of the LH&DC Scheme. MVUs will provide diagnosis treatment, vaccination, minor surgical interventions, audio-visual aids and extension services to farmers / animal owners at their doorstep. It is envisaged to support one MVU per 1 lakh livestock population in the country. Funding pattern: Under this component, 100% Central assistance is provided for the non-recurring expenditure on the customized mobile van / vehicle, fully equipped with equipment for diagnosis, treatment, sample collection, minor surgery and audio- visual aids, etc. for extension activities. The recurring expenditure on running the mobile vans / vehicles, call centres and the outsourced manpower services shall however have a Central-State fund sharing pattern of 60-40/90-10 for NE& Himalayan States/100% for UTs.
    • Assistance to States for Control of Animal Disease (ASCAD): The component ASCAD is focused towards assistance to States/ UTs for vaccination against economically important diseases of livestock and backyard poultry duly prioritized by the States as per the disease(s) prevalent and losses to farmers. Emphasis is also given for vaccination against zoonotic diseases viz., anthrax, rabies, etc. State biological production units and Disease Diagnostic Laboratories, for supplementing production of disease diagnostic kits/vaccines and for disease diagnosis are also strengthened and supported under ASCAD. Another activity that has been prioritized under this component is 'Control of Emergent and Exotic Diseases’. This includes surveillance and related activities to check ingress of exotic diseases and emergent / re-emergent livestock/poultry diseases. Financial assistance shall also be given towards payment of compensation to farmers for culling of birds, elimination of infected animals, and destruction of feed/ eggs including operational costs. Funding Pattern: ASCAD is having a Central-State fund sharing pattern of 60-40/90-10 for NER & Himalayan States / 100% UTs except for activities under ”Research & Innovation, publicity & awareness training and allied activities, funding VCI and headquarters expenses (hiring consultants, legal, election etc.) for which100% Central assistance is proposed.

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