Office Orders/Circulars Archives (Only For Information)

    S.No. Title Order No. Date
    1. Advertisement on hiring of consultants - -
    2. Recruitment to the post of Animal Nutritionist in the scale of Rs. PB-3 Rs. 15600-39100+5400(G.P.) revised to Level 10 of the Pay matrix of 7th pay comission in the Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, Department of Animal Husbandary, Dairying and F A-12025/02/2017-Admin I 27.03.2018
    3. Filling up the post of Secretary, AWBI on deputation basis - -
    4. Animal husbandry Commissioner, Sanwa Millet Central Service, group a arajapatarit recruitment A-12025/4/2018-Admin-I 05.12.2018
    5. Hiring a post of animal husbandry A-12025/4/2018-Admin-I 17.10.2018
    6. Recruitment to the post of Director A-12025/4/2018-Admin-I 23.10.2018
    07. Seamanship of the main instructor (and navigation), senior Instructor (Seamanship and navigation) and instructor (Seamanship and 3-56/2018-Admn-V 26.09.2018
    08. Vacancy details for the post of Senior Instructor (naval architecture) 1/80 (24)/2018- R-V 20.06.2018
    09. Vacancy statement for the post of Assistant Director, livestock officer, senior Instructor Advt. NO. 11/2018 01.11.2018
    10. Order Dated: 2nd Nov 2018 (One post of Assistant Commissioner (Dairy Development) in the Dairy Division, DAHD) 5-11/2017-Admin IV 02.11.2018
    11. Abolition of posts in Central Cattle Breeding Farms A-11011/4/2017-Admin-3 23.05.2018
    12. Abolition of 57 supernumerary posts of Shepherd at Central Sheep Breeding Farm, Hisar - regarding. Q-11035/7/2017-Admin 6 08.05.2018
    13. Abolition of two posts of Upper Division Clerk, one each at Central Poultry Development Organisation,Chandigarh and Central Poultry Development Organisation and Training Institute, Banglore-regarding. Q-14014/4/2018-Admin 6 28.03.2018
    14. Abolition of one post of Office Superintendent at Central Poultry Development Organisation,Bhubaneswar-reagarding. Q-11023/1/2018-Admin-6 02.04.2018
    15. Consequent upon the approval of the Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure, E.Coord-I Branch, vide their ID No. 614502/E.Coord.I/2017 dated 30.01.2018 (Revival of three post of Lower Division Clerk, General Central Service, Group 'C', Non-Gazetted, Ministerial in pre-revised pay scale of Rs. 5200-20200/- plus Grade Pay of Rs. 1900/-) Q-14014/4/2017-Admin-6 30.01.2018
    16. Abolition of one post of Lower Division Clerk at various Regional Fodder Stations-regarding. Q-14014/4/2017-Admin -6 30.01.2018
    17. Consequent upon the approval of the Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure, E.Coord-I Branch, vide their ID No. 614520/E.Coord.I/2017 dated 30.01.2018, F. No. Q-14014/3/2017-Admin_6 (Revival of two posts of Upper Division Clerk, General Central Service, Group 'B', Non-Gazetted, Ministerial in pre-revised pay scale of Rs. 5200-20200/- plus Grade Pay of Rs. 2400/-) Q-14014/3/2017-Admin-6 30.01.2018
    18. Vacancy of Director(I &C)(NPRSM) to be filled up by Deputation(ISTC) - -
    19. Recruitment to 2 vacant posts of Fodder Agronomist on deputation (ISTC)/absorption basis - -
    20. Corrigendum-Vacancy for the post of Deputy Director,CPDO may be read as one instead of six dated 23.11.2017 A-12015/1/2016-Admin I 23.11.2017
    2. Programmes & Events
    S.No. Title Order No. Date
    1. Observance of Anti-Terrorism Day. A-44011/12/2014-Admin I 18.05.2018
    2. Celebration of Constitution Day A-44011/19/2015-Admin I 22.11.2018
    3. Circular-Observance of Rashtriya Ekta Divas (National Unity Day) on 31st October,2017 dated 24.10.2017 A-44011/23/2014-Admin I 24.10.2017
    3. Miscellaneous
    S.No. Title Order No. Date
    1. Fighting Covid - 19 - -
    2. List of commonly used words English - Hindi in office communication - -
    3. State wise list of Sr.AO/AO/AAO posted in SPMU (State Project Management Unit) - -
    4. A get together on occassion of new year A-44011/02/2018-Admin I 31.12.2018
    5. Proposed nationwide strike by Government Employees against New Pension Scheme on 26th November 2018 A-44011/2/2018-Admin 22.11.2018
    6. Early Closure of Office in connection with Republic Day and beating Retreat Ceremony during 2018 A-44011/9/2017-Admin I 11.01.2018
    7. Dharna Notice for 19th september,2017 and 17th October,2017-Instructions under CCS (Conduct Rules),1964-Reg dated 19.09.2017 C-45018/2017-Vig 19.09.2017
    8. Farewell Party to bid adieu Shri Aditya Kumar Joshi,Joint Secretary dated 31.07.2017 A-44011/09/2015-Admin I 31.07.2017
    09. Transfers/Postings in respect of the officers of the Technical Grade/Statistical Service/CSS of the Department A-22011/1/2010-Admin I 11.10.2018
    10. The Department of Personnel & Training O.M. No. 1/3/2018-EO(SM-I) (Relieving order of the officer of DAHD) A-19011/11/2016-Admin I 23.10.2018
    11. Compassionate appointments-internal instructions-regarding. Q-11025/1/2016-Admin-6 29.05.2018
    12. Shri Dayanand Appa Sawant, Technical Officer (DD) is hereby promoted to the post of Assistant Commissioner (DD). 5-11/2017-Admin IV 08.06.2018
    13. The charge of Cattle and Dairy Development Division would be looked after by Shri Mihir Kumar Singh, Joint Secretary. 22011/1/2010-Admn.I (Pt.) 20.04.2018
    14. Usage of paper for submitting notes/papers/reports - economy in using papers. A-44011/7/2012-Admin I 23.04.2018
    15. The work of LH division is hereby assigned to Shri Upamanyu Basu,who has been appointed as JS in this Department A-19011/05/2018-Admin I 19.04.2018
    16. Grant of leave and permission to leave station to Officers of DADF A-44011/17/2012-Admin I 06.04.2018
    17. Shri B. Kishore, IAS (AP:1993) Joint Secretary in this Department is hereby relieved w.e.f. the afternoon of 02.04.18 A-19011/11/2016-Admin I 02.04.2018
    18. Dr. Gagan Garg, Livestock Officer is hereby promoted to the post of Assist. Commissioner (Animal Husbandary) 12025/04/2017-Admin I 03.04.2018
    19. Dr. E. Ramesh Kumar, is hereby appointed in this Department as Joint Secretary w.e.f. 2.4.2018 A-19011/11/2016-Admin I 02.04.2018
    20. Ms. Vanadana Gautam, Deputy Director, is taken over on the rolls of this Department with effect from the forenoon of the 1st March, 2018. A-19011/2/2018-Admin I 14.03.2018
    21. The period of probation of Shri Hemant Kumar, Shri Sachin Kumar, Shri Bharat Kumar dated 19.01.2018 A-31015/01/2015-Admin- I 19.01.2018
    22. Assignment of Additional Charge of the post of Secretary, ADF to Shri Shobhana K Pattanayak, IAS(KN:1982) A-22011/1/2010-Admin I 22.01.2018
    23. With reference to his study leave application dated 07.11.2017, Dr. Abhijeet Kumar, Farm Manager, Central Poultry Development Organisation and Training Institute, Bangalore is hereby granted Study Leave w.e.f. 07.11.2017 to 06.11.2018 (One Year) Q-11028/1/2018-Admin-6 30.01.2018
    24. Dr. Ramanand, Deputy Commisioner(FF) is relieved from this department A-19011/17/2016-Admin I 25.01.2018
    25. Dr. Aruna Sharma, Livestock Officer is hereby promoted to the post of Assistant Commissioner (Animal Husbandry), dated 25.01.2018, No. No.A-12025/4/2017-Admin.I A-12025/4/2017-Admin I 25.01.2018
    26. In pursuance of DoPT's communication No. 36/01/2018-EO(SM-1)(1), dated 13.01.2018 A-19011/11/2016-Admin I 18.01.2018
    27. Shri B.P.Nagar, Assistant Poultry Development Officer,is herby promoted to the post of Assistant Commissioner(Animal Husbandry) C-12034/2/2015-Admin I 13.02.2018
    28. Consequent upon the recommendation of the UPSC (Shri Chinmoyjit Sen, Assistant Commissoner (Dairy Development) is hereby promoted to the post of Deputy Commissoner (DD) in Level-12 in the Pay matrix as per VII CPC) 5-12/2016-Admin -IV 05.12.2017
    29. Hon'ble Minister message on the world veterinary Day - -
    S.No. Title Order No. Date
    1. Public Notice- Admission to BVSc. and AH 2018 16-25/2018-VCI 22.02.2018
    2. Public Notice VCI dated 28.11.2018 16-25/2018-VCI 28.11.2018
    3. Order for DACP C-12034/5/2014-Admin I 08.08.2018
    4. Public Notice dated 22nd February 2018 16-25/2018-VCI 22.02.2018
    5. Notification-Recognition of College of Veterinary Science,Proddatur,Korthula and Junagarh 52-01/2015-LDT(VCI) 19.02.2015
    6. Notification-Recognition of Tripura University 52-22/2009-LDT(VCI) 30.12.2014
    7. Notification-Recognition of veterinary college 52-16/2014-LDT(VCI) 25.09.2014
    8. VCI List of members 52-40/2009-LDT(VCI) 03.07.2013
    9. Amendment to the sections 2 and 38 of the prevention and control of infection and contagions Disease in Animals Act,2009 35027/10/2013-Fy (H&D) 01.04.2014
    10. Election for eleven members to the Veterinary Council of India a- free status 52-9/2005-LDT (VC) 13.08.2010
    11. Prevention and control of Infectious and Contagious Diseases in Animals Act,2009 (Uttar Pradesh) 51-44/90-LDT (RP) Vol. IV 19.09.2011
    5. Notifications
    S.No. Title Order No. Date
    1. Notification Dated: 21th December 2018 A-19011/15/2018-Admin I 19.12.2018
    2. Notification Dated: 07/12/ 2018 A-32012/01/2015-Admin I 04.12.2018
    3. Notification Dated: 30th November 2018 A-32012/01/2015-Admin I 30.11.2018
    4. The President is pleased to appoint Dr. Basudev Sunani, Joint Director Level-II, A-12025/3/2014 10.05.2018
    5. The President is pleased to appoint Air Commodore (Retd) Ranjan Mukharjee as Private Secretary A-11013/2/2017-Admin I 08.05.2018
    6. Notification- The President is pleased to appoint Shri Upamanyu Basu, Indian Revenue Service as Joint Secretary in the Department A-19011/5/2018-Admin I 19.04.2018
    7. Notification- Shri Shadi Lal Peshen, Asst. Director in this Department retires from Govt. service A-15012/10/2017-Admin I 04.04.2018
    8. Notification dated 31.01.2018 A-15012/03/2017-Admin I 31.01.2018
    9. Admin1-Appointment of Ms.Lopamudra Mohanty as PS to Hon'ble MOS for Agriculture and Farmers Welfare(Ms.Krishna Raj) Dated 5th October,2017 A-11013/02/2017-Admin I 05.10.2017
    10. Admin1-Retirement of Shri Joseph Victor,Section Officer,in this department with effect from afternoon of 30th september,2017 dated 3.10.2017 A-15012/07/2017-Admin I 03.10.2017
    11. Admin1-Retirement of Smt. Ranjan Dewan,Section Officer,in this department with effect from afternoon of 30th september,2017 dated 3.10.2017 A-15012/07/2017-Admin I 03.10.2017
    12. Admin1-Retirement of Shri Rakesh Kumar Sachdev,Section Officer dated 30.08.2017 A-15012/04/2017-Admin I 30.08.2017
    13. Admin1-Appointment of Shri kishore B. as Joint Secretary in dadf dated 25th August,2017 A-19011/14/2017-Admin I 25.08.2017
    14. Admin I-Appointment of Shri Girja Nand Singh,as Joint Secretary dated 14th august 2017 A-19011/9/2016-Admin I 14.08.2017
    15. Notification-Appointment of Dr. Sandeep Gulia as Livestock Officer in DADF dated 16.12.2016. A-12025/5/2015-Admin I 16.12.2016
    16. Notification of Shri Jatin Kumar Saxena A-11013/2/2017-Admin I 22.08.2018
    17. Shri B. Ravichandran, Additional Private Secretary to Minister in this Department, will retire from Government service A-11013/2/2017-Admin I 22.08.2018