General Administration

    • Office accommodation, shifting etc.
    • Implementation/ monitoring of e-Governance Project in Department.
    • Implementation and monitoring of New Aadhar Enabled Bio-metric Attendance System (AEBAS) in Department.
    • Procurement/ AMC of Computers, Printers, UPSs, ACs, Inverters, telephones, TVs/ Fax/ photocopiers, electrical items etc.
    • Stationery and printing.
    • Procurement and maintenance of Air Conditioners, electric items etc.
    • Office furniture.
    • Processing of bills for payment of telephones – Office/Residential and other items procured by the Section.
    • Staff Cars.
    • Local purchases.
    • Issue of formal administrative sanctions to meet office expenditure from contingencies in respect of expenditure incurred by various Sections in the Department of Animal Husbandry & Dairying.
    • Passing of bills for refreshments etc.
    • Arranging Air-coolers, fans, heaters, towels, soaps, glass tumblers etc., for the officers and staff of the Department.
    • Stitching of files etc.
    • Rubber stamps and brass seals.
    • Miscellaneous issues received from time to time
    S.No. Title Order No. Date
    1. E-auction of E -waste items for recyclers/dismantlers authorised by P.C.B and S.P.C.B for computers, photocopiers, air conditioners, furniture etc will be held on 24th November, 2022 E-auction of E -waste items for recyclers/dismantlers authorised (PDF 162.47 KB) - 18.11.2022
    2. E-auction Notice E-auction Notice (PDF 49.33 KB) - 05.05.2022
    3. E-auction Notice E-auction Notice (PDF 81.65 KB) - 04.05.2022
    4. E auction notification E auction notification (PDF 531 KB) - -
    5. Public Auction Notice Public Auction Notice (PDF 305.5 KB) 2-4/2020/Admin II 01.10.2020
    6. Requisition for Official Transport Requisition for Official Transport (PDF 218.89 KB) 26017-1/2020-Admin II -