Animal Husbandry Statistics Division



    (A).Mandate of the Division:

  • Conducting quinquennial livestock census.
  • Conducting annual sample survey through Integrated Sample Survey.
  • Publishing of Annual estimates of production of milk, eggs, meat, wool and other related Animal Husbandry Statistics based on Integrated Sample Survey conducted through State and Union Territories.
  • (B). Livestock Census:

    The Livestock Census started in the country in the year 1919. So far 19 of censuses have been conducted.Livestock Census is a complete count of the livestock and the poultry at pre-defined reference point of time. As in population census, primary workers were engaged to undertake house to house enumeration and ascertain the number, age, sex, etc., of livestock/poultry possessed by every household/household enterprise/non-household/non-household enterprises and institutions in rural & urban areas.

    Livestock sector alone contributes nearly 25.8% of value of output at current prices and total value of output in agriculture, fishing and forestry sector. The annual contribution of livestock sector in total GDP is nearly 4.5% at current prices during 2015-16.

    (C) Integrated Sample Survey:

    The production of major livestock products(MLP) namely milk, eggs, meat and wool is estimated on the basis of annual sample surveys conducted under the Central Sector Surveys Schemes “ISS”. The scheme is implemented by the Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries through State Animal Husbandry Departments. All the States & UTs are implementing the scheme. Surveys conducted in the entire rural and urban areas of the states and UTs. The surveys conducted from March to February. The entire period of one year is divided into 4 months each. This helps in bringing up progressive estimates of aggregates as also takes care of seasonality if any in the characters under study.

    Annual Reports: Basic Animal Husbandry & Fisheries reports based on Integrated Sample Survey).

    District wise and Breed wise population
    Integrated Sample Survey
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