Livestock Census


Aim and Objectives of the scheme


To formulate, implement, monitor and evaluate any programme/ scheme of the Government or private organisations meant for bringing further improvement in Livestock Sector; the basic data of population of different species of livestock alongwith their characteristics such as age-sex and use, availability of infrastructure etc. are required. The aim of Livestock Census is to collect detailed information on livestock population category wise along with age, sex-composition etc.  It also provides disaggregated information on poultry, animal operated agricultural implements and machinery and fishery statistics.  Enumeration is done on all-India basis and covers district-wise information with rural/urban break-up. In addition to this, it provides Breedwise information on Livestock.


Year when the scheme started


Keeping in view the importance of livestock sector, the first Livestock Census was conducted during the year 1919-1920. Thereafter it is being conducted quinquennially.


Implementing Agencies


The ultimate responsibility for conducting the Livestock Census rests with the Animal Husbandry Departments of the States/UTs. The Central Government coordinates the work of the States and gives necessary guidance to ensure uniformity in collection of census data.


Target /Group/Beneficiaries


Livestock Census data are primarily used by Central and State Departments of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Veterinary services and the Department of Fisheries for formulation of various plan schemes, programmes etc. and to generate estimates of production.  In addition, other related national/international organizations/ departments in the sector, industry, research organizations etc. are the users of census data.


Pattern of Assistance


 It is a Central Sector Scheme with 100% central assistance. 








Annual Outlay/Expenditure (Central Assistance)




(Rs. in lakhs)





















The results of 17th Livestock Census conducted in 2003 have been uploaded on the Departmental website

The latest Census, 18th in series, has been conducted throughout the country with reference date 15th October 2007. So far, data for quick results have been received from 30 State/UTs. National Informatics Centre, DADF has developed module for detailed (household) data entry results, and the software has been provided to all States & UTs. Data entry work in respect of detailed results is in progress in most of the States & UTs.


Physical Target


The quick results of livestock, poultry and availability of infrastructure related to livestock and fisheries sector based on village/ward summary data of 18th Livestock Census is expected to be released by June, 2009.


For further details please contact


  Adviser(Stats), AHS Division, DMS Complex, Near State Bank of India, Shadipur, New Delhi 110008.     Ph. No. 25873773.