Home Import of poultry and poultry products into India with regard to avian influenza(S.O.2337 dated 8th July,2016) List Murrah Bull Calves Ready Sale Under Operational Area Central Herd Registration Scheme 2
    1. List of Murrah Bull Calves ready for sale under the operational area of Central Herd Registration Scheme, Rohtak

      List of Murrah Bull calves ready for sale under the operational area of Central Herd Registration Scheme, Rohtak


      Sr. No. Owners Name Address Kind of Animal Identification No Dams Brand No. Milk Yield Lactation Length/ Peak yield Date of Birth/Age Order of Lactation Condition of Calf
      1. Sh. Naseeb S/o Sh. Dayanand Jindran Murrah CHRS/1913 KLN/697 3292/305 18-7-08 1st Good
      2. Sh. Raj Kunwar S/o Sh. Lokram -do- Murrah CHRS/1519 KLN/698 3554/305 18-7-08 2nd Good
      3. Sh. Ishwar S/o Sh. Jile Singh Kalanaur Murrah CHRS/1521 KLN/724 3347/305 11-8-08 2nd Good
      4. Sh. Antram S/o Sh. Kapoor Singh -do- Murrah HLDB KLN/725 2971/293 26-8-08 2nd Good
      5. Sh. Rambhaj S/o Sh. Badluram Katesera Murrah CHRS/2012 KLN/619 3269/297 23-5-08 2nd Good
      6. Sh. Sanjay S/o Sh. Chandaram Lahli Murrah CHRS/962 KLN/1472 3136/305 27-7-07 1st Good
      7. Sh. Lilaram S/o Sh. Birbal Katesera Murrah CHRS/583 KLN/278 3397/303 2-9-07 1st Good
      8. Sh. Satyawan S/o Sh. Sishram Gudan Murrah CHRS/942 KLN/733 14.000 P.Y. 8-9-08 2nd Good
      9 Sh. Rasa Singh S/o Sh. Saroop Singh Bajitpur Murrah CHRS/17 BWN/92 3279/303 30-10-07 2nd Good
      10 Sh.  Phool Kunwar S/o Sh. Jile Singh Majra Dabas Murrah CHRS/14 BWN/37 3283/304 8-5-07 2nd Good
      11 Sh.  Rajender S/o Sh. Risal Sultanpur Murrah CHRS/10 BWN/36 3249/296 12-6-07 3rd Good
      12 Sh. Satnarayan S/o Sh. Juglal Ramrai Murrah CHRS/5238 NND/427 3369/296 9-5-06 2nd Good
      13 Sh. Govardhan S/o Sh. Badlu -do- Murrah CHRS/3306 NND/428 3430/298 7-5-06 2nd Good
      14 Sh. Sunder S/o Sh. Hukmi -do- Murrah CHRS/724 NND/695 3241/295 3-10-07 3rd Good
      15 Sh. Chand S/o Sh. Mahabir -do- Murrah CHRS/1196 NND/692 3710/298 25-9-07 1st Good
      Sh. Hawa Singh S/o Sh. Hari Ram Rajpura Murrah CHRS/1179 NND/591 3291/291 2-4-07 3rd Good
      17 Sh. Ram Diya S/o Sh. Dalipa -do- Murrah CHRS/534 NND/432 3711/295 18-5-07 3rd Good
      18 Sh. Randhir S/o Sh. Ajit Rajthal Murrah CHRS/714 NND/660 3466/292 25-8-06 1st Good
      19 Sh. Ramesh S/o Sh. Hoshiyara -do- Murrah CHRS/733 NND/533 3629/301 27-10-06 2nd Good
      20 Sh. Randhir S/o Sh. Santlal Bamla Murrah CHRS/2011 BAL/298 3395/301 20-10-08 2nd Good
      21 Sh. Kanshlal S/o Sh. Kamal Singh Phoolpura Murrah CHRS/339 BAL/339 3447/300 14-8-08 4th Good
      22 Sh. Satbir S/o Sh. Dhanpal Mokhra Murrah CHRS/444 MI/774 3633/294 21-8-06 3rd Good
      23 Sh. Ravinder S/o Sh. Dhanpal -do- Murrah CHRS/445 MI/773 3518/294 19-8-06 3rd Good
      24 Sh. Manjeet S/o Sh. Umed Singh Madina Murrah CHRS/2709 MI/967 3973/302 8-8-07 3rd Good
      25 Sh. Ramesh S/o Sh. Swraj Kharkara Murrah CHRS/205 MI/823 3442/293 30-11-07 3rd Good
      26 Sh. Ram Rai S/o Sh. Ramdiya Ladpur Murrah CHRS/3166 BAD/409 3379/305 17-3-08 3rd Good
      27 Sh. Umed S/o Sh. Mahar Singh -do- Murrah CHRS/3191 BAD/410 3215/305 4-1-08 3rd Good
      28 Sh. Mangat S/o Sh. Prahlad Dariyapur Murrah CHRS/3153 BAD/436 3231/301 15-2-08 4th Good