Milk and Milk Product Order 1992 (Download the Complete Text)

The Govt. of India had promulgated the Milk and Milk Product Order (MMPO) 1992 on 9.06.1992 under the provisions of Essential commodity Act, 1955 consequent to de-licencing of the Dairy sector in 1991. AS per the provisions of this order, any person/dairy plat handling more than 10000 liters per day of milk or 500 MT of milk solids per annum needs to be registered with the registering authority appointed by the Central Government. The main objective of the order is to maintain and increase in supply of liquid milk of desired quality in the interests of the general public and also for regulating the production, processing and distribution of milk and milk Products.

Recognizing the necessity for suitable amendments in Milk and Milk Product Order 1992 for faster pace of growth in the Dairy sector, Govt. of India has amended Milk and Milk Product Order 1992 from time to time in order to make it more liberal and oriented to facilitate the dairy entrepreneurs. The Govt. of India has notified the amendment proposals in the official gazette on 26/03/2002. Now there is no restriction on setting up of new capacity, while noting that the requirement of registration is for enforcing the prescribed standards of quality and food safety.

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