Animal Husbandry Statistics

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Animal Husbandry Statistics


The Animal Husbandry Statistics Division of the Department conducts IntegratedSample Surveys to estimate productions of major livestock products viz. milk, egg,meat and wool. It also collects ot her livest ock stat istics through interaction withState Governments and other Central departments/organizations concerned withdevelopment of the Livestock Sector. Major Livest ock products like milk, eggs, meat& wool are estimated on the basis of sample surveys being conducted throughoutthe year under the Central Scheme “Int egrated Sample Survey for the Estimation ofmajor Livestock Products”. All the States and Union Territories are implementing thescheme. Surveys are done throughout India and round the year, whereas data arecollected generally by camping in the sampled villages. Three stage stratifiedrandom sampling is adopted to find the annual estimates of livestock production ofmajor livestock products after building it on seasonal basis. These are published inthe consolidated annual report of the sample survey prepared by the St ates/ UTs. Atnational level Statewise annual estimates are published in the biennial publicationknown as "Basic Animal Husbandry Statistics" or through department's website afterit has been approved by the expert committee "Technical Commit tee for Directionfor Improvement of Animal Husbandry and Dairying Statistics" (TCD). The TCDstreamlines animal husbandry statistics, identifies shortcomings and approvesvarious measures which could bring improvement in the livestock statistics byholding its periodical meetings in various part of t he country. The Committee isjointly headed by Adviser (Statistics), Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying&Fisheries and Director of Indian Agricultural Statist ical Research Institute (IASRI).Secretary of the Department and Animal Husbandry Commissioner are mainobservers and guiding force of the committee, who keep a close watch on thefunctioning the committee. The members of the TCD committee are heads ofselected Statistical Organizat ions / Departments at the Centre and States, and theDirectors of Animal Husbandry of all the States and Union Territories.

ThisCommittee also reviews progress of implementation of the scheme of IntegratedSample Survey for the estimation of major livestock product s besides approving the estimates of production of milk, egg, wool and meat. The approved estimates oflivestock production and other related statistics are published in the biennialpublication known as "Basic Animal Husbandry Statistics". The latest published issueof the publication is of the year 2012 containing the data up to 2010-11.

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