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Ongole Cow

Name of the breed :- Ongole

Characteristics of breed :-Popular color is white. Males have dark grey markings on head, neck and hump, and black points on knees and pastems. Head is broad between eyes slightly prominent. Face moderately long, bridges of nose to nostrils large, placid full, bright, elliptical black eye lashes, ring of black hair around eyes. Horns are short and stumpy, growing outwards and backwards. Thick at base is firm, without cracks. Ears are moderately long, slightly drooping, alert, tip of ears are black. Neck is short and thick in bulls,moderately long in cows. Hump is well developed and erect. filled up on both sides and not concave or leaning to either side. Dewlap is fleshy and hanging in fold, extending to naval flap. Chest is deep and wide, broad between the fore arms. legs are strong, clean and medium in length, well apart, firmly and squarely set under the body, toes pointing straight. tail head is slopping, deeply molded and not coarse. Long and fine with black switch. Tip of tail vertebrae reaches just beyond point of hock.  

Milk yield is 600 kg to 2518 kg. Lactation period is 279 days. Fat varies from 3 to 5% and SNF 7.8 to 8.8.



Ongole Bull

Ongole Calf