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    Resolution regarding RKA constitution dated 21.2.2019

    Download (1.01 MB) pdf

    Resolution regarding RKA TOR dated 21.2.2019

    Download (3.5 MB) pdf

    Operational Guidelines for Administrative Approval of the Scheme Dairy Processing and Infrastructure Development Fund (DIDF) dated 14.02.2019

    Download (7.58 MB) pdf

    Weekly statement on status of implementation of e-Office

    Download (75.22 KB) pdf

    PMO-Reference dated 15.09.2018 forwarding your representation dated 10.09.2018 regarding leasing out of DMS

    Download (195.86 KB) pdf

    Minutes of the meeting to review the status of Reservation data held on 08.02.2019

    Download (2.43 MB) pdf

    Proposed joint protest by various organisations under banner of ' India Unites' ( January 30- Febuary 07,2019)

    Download (15.2 MB) pdf

    State wise list of Sr.AO/AO/AAO posted in SPMU (State Project Management Unit)

    Download (103.16 KB) pdf

    AIPCOC rally to Prime Minister Office on 4th February, 2019

    Download (1.44 MB) pdf

    Notification/A-32012/01/2015-Admin-I Dated: 01st Jan 2019

    Download (171.99 KB) pdf